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Reading – And Why It Is Important!

Posted on July 1, 2014 by Phil Courson

It’s summer and you possibly have some more time that has opened up. You are going on vacation, or taking the kids to the community pool, or spending hours having some ‘chill time.’ I want to encourage you to use this summer as a chance to spend some extended time reading for yourself and reading to your children. Why? Because reading is very important! Here are just a few thoughts!

1) Reading is important because it develops the mind. The mind is a muscle. It needs exercise. Understanding the written word is one way the mind grows in its ability. Teaching young children to read helps them develop their language skills. It also helps them learn to listen. Everybody wants to talk, but few can really listen. Reading helps children (and adults) focus on what someone else is communicating.

2) Reading helps us to discover new things. Books are great learning tools which require the ability to read and understand what is read.

3) Reading develops the imagination. TV and computer games have their place, but they are more like amusement. Amusement comes from two words “a” [non] and “muse” [think]. Amusement is non-thinking activities. With reading, a person can go anywhere in the world…or even out of it! They can be a king, or an adventurer, or a princess, or… The possibilities are endless. Non-readers never experience these joys to the same extent.

4) Reading develops creativity. When reading to children, stop every once in awhile and ask them what they think is going to happen next. Get them thinking about the story. When it is finished, ask if they could think of a better ending or anything that would have improved it. If they really liked the story, encourage them to illustrate it with their own drawings or to make up a different story with the same characters. Get the creative juices flowing!

5) Finally, reading is important because of its connection to learning. You are, right now, the result of words that you have heard or read AND believed about yourself. Learning and growing are essential for the Christian life. Reading teaches us!

Here are a few reasons why reading is important! Unless you see the potential for growth in so many areas of life when it comes to reading, you will never gain a love for it. Pick out some books or get my suggested reading list, but make sure you read this summer. I am busy reading…how about you?!