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Passionately Pursuing The Holy Spirit

Posted on December 8, 2015 by Phil Courson

We have spent the last few weeks talking about the person and work of the Holy Spirit. We have learned much and now want to apply what we have learned.

Wayne Grudem says, “the work of the Holy Spirit is to manifest the active presence of God in the world, and especially the church.”  The coming of the Spirit is the coming of God himself. He comes to those whose sins have been forgiven and whose lives have been made new. The promise of the Spirit coming is proof that the Father has accepted the sacrifice of Jesus and exalted Him above all else.

The Spirit’s coming has tremendous effects on us as believers. There should be a greater awareness of the Spirit in our lives as he is at work. Here are just a few:

1)  Greater Awareness of God’s Presence

The book of Acts has a strong sense of God’s presence and it is a record of a church intensely aware of the presence of God.        Are you more aware of the presence of God in your life? Do you embrace your adoption as God’s child? Are you aware of the      Spirit’s convicting power?

2)  Greater Awareness of Boldness in Speech and Action

The central purpose of the giving of the Spirit is for enabling power to witness in both word and action. The Holy Spirit took      ordinary men and made them extraordinary! Do you find yourself sharing your faith more?

Are you praying for boldness and asking God to open doors to share the gospel?

3)  Greater Awareness of Deepening Fellowship

There should be a love for each other, a sharing and community among each other. Do you find yourself wanting to serve            others? Do you look for ways you can serve your local church?

4)  Greater Awareness to Praise God and Have Joy

Sometimes suffering comes, but having an awareness of the Spirit will lead to praising God and finding joy in the midst of it.      Worship and praise was the immediate response when the glory of and presence of God was revealed.
“The truth of the matter is this. The distinctive, constant, basic ministry of the Holy Spirit under the new covenant is so to mediate Christ’s presence to believers – that is, to give them such knowledge of his presence with them as their Savior, Lord, and God – that three things happen…personal fellowship with Jesus…personal transformation of character into Jesus likeness…the Spirit-given certainly of being loved, redeemed and adopted through Christ.”   J.I. Packer

I want a greater awareness of the Holy Spirit in my life…how about you?