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Our new teaching series.

Posted on November 26, 2017 by Mike Gilland

We are currently in a study on Isaiah 9:6-7, in a series called “His Name Shall Be Called.”

Isaiah’s prophetic picture of the coming Messiah makes for what is considered the most familiar Old Testament prophecy in the Bible.  His compelling imagery begins with an out-and-out declaration that a child is born…born unto US!

We all understand that this is a prophetic utterance – but it is easy to not realize just how amazingly accurate his vision was, because – after all we are reading the Bible.  And sometimes we lose the impact of context between the Old and New Testaments…unless we put it in different terms.

Imagine this scenario – 175 years before the voyage of Christopher Columbus to the Americas (that occurred in 1492)…175 years BEFORE that voyage…in the year 1317 AD…someone in Spain prophesied.  No, not about a Spaniard’s voyage to America!  They prophesied – in 1317 – the details in full of Donald J. Trump’s presidential victory in the year 2016.  And, they were able to nail bits of the political climate that surrounds Trump, and the nation of America today.

Wouldn’t that be mind staggering?  Yes.  But that is EXACTLY the kind of thing that Isaiah did.

Depending on the pinpointing of the date for Isaiah, it was 700 years before the birth of Jesus…yet – Isaiah had a CLEAR picture of His birth, and the very names by which He is known, all of which reveal to us just a bit more of His character and virtue.  And, he had a compelling insight into the political atmosphere into which Christ was born.

Yes…Isaiah hit the nail on the head.

Till next time.