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A Devotion During Hurricane Irma

Posted on September 10, 2017 by Phil Courson

Mark 4:35-41 – Read this passage!

Lesson 1 – Jesus is Sovereign over Nature (Storms)

Ironically, the only place in the Gospels that we hear of Jesus sleeping is during a storm. The scene depicts his complete trust in God in the midst of adversity who trusts God’s providential working over all obstacles and adversities.

Jesus speaks a word ‘Peace be still’ and the winds die down. It shows that Jesus has authority over nature! Jesus has authority over all things!

Lesson 2 – Jesus Does Care

They accused the Lord of not caring about what they were facing. Why this doubt? After all, they had already seen His compassion and goodness in action.

Do you know what their problem was? They were looking at situations and not at the Savior. They had their thoughts on the facts and not on faith.

I just want you to know today that He does care! He cares more than you could ever know, He cares and He is doing something about the situation, even though you might not see it now.

Lesson 3 – Jesus Loves Faith, Not Fear

Faith and fear are mutual exclusives in the Bible: it was because of lack of faith that the disciples feared that they were about to drown, and so it was for lack of faith that they were rebuked. No command is more often reiterated in the Bible than the simple ‘Do not be afraid.’ Fear paralyzes us, faith trusts God.

Lesson 4 – Jesus Is to be Feared, Who Is He

When Jesus calmed the sea, they were amazed and said, “Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?’

They learned that He is the One Who is in control of every puff of wind; every angry wave and every storm.


– Can you see Jesus is over Hurricane Irma?
– Are you afraid with Irma coming? Are you trusting God?
–  Do you think Jesus doesn’t care about us or what is happening?
– How can we grow in faith with Hurricane Irma coming our way?
– Pray for Trust, Peace, Faith as Irma comes our way.
– Remember: the same God that was with the disciples in the boat is with us today as we prepare to face Irma.