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A Time of Transition

Posted on January 17, 2017 by Mike Gilland

Last Saturday afternoon, I walked down the aisle of a church building. Not just any church building, but one that housed a fellowship in which I had the privilege of serving for 17 years. And, it was not a solo stroll down the aisle, either…at my left was my beautiful and youngest daughter…the only unmarried daughter that remained. On that beautiful January afternoon, Cindy and I gave our Allison to become a “Mrs.”…and we couldn’t be happier to do so. Partly because of the fact that she is marrying a guy we already love. Partly because our Alli was really ready for this next step with Jason. But mostly because of the amazing clarity and witness we sensed from God, that all this was His will.

So now, as one of our children said on Facebook, the “cast of siblings is set and complete.” All my kids are happily married, an answer to a lifetime of prayers for both Cindy and me. Allison, in less than a half-hours’ worth of time, transitioned from being single to being joined as one flesh with her husband. And Cindy and I transitioned too – to complete empty nester status. Even though Allison has lived away from home since her college graduation, there was still a sense of active parenting going on, just on a long-distance basis. But now, that is over.

This week, our country transitions from a presidential administration standpoint as a new commander-in-chief will be sworn in on Friday. Just like on Saturday, in a few moments time and after a few sworn words are spoken, so many things will suddenly change.

These are days of transition, alright! And just like I will continue to pray for my daughter as she goes through new routines and finds the path that God has for them, so I will be praying for our country and its leaders. That is something we all should do. And as we do, how comforting to know that above transitions, whether in marriage, in families, and in government, we serve a God who is sovereign over all. He is in control. And I can rest in that fact, even in a time of transition.

Till next time.

Mike Gilland